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Brilliant lights blaze night Hangzhou and boost new energy for business district

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To stimulate “nigh economy” development, Hangzhou Westlake Dist. conducts the innovation work for “Old buildings, Old business district” and is mainly focused on the image-creation of the lighting of the “Jiangcun business district”, “Lianhua business district”, “Huanglong district”.  YD Lighting company provided outdoor lighting solution for night landscape lighting innovation for the “Jiangcun business district”, “Lianhua business district”, and support to boost Hangzhou city’s new energy of economy. 


Light the New West Lake and Brighten the Night “Jiangcun Business District” 

Brief Introduce of “Jiangcun Business District” 


“Jiangcun Business District” is located in beginning position of high tech large corridor of the West Lake Dist., Xixi Wetland South and it’s vey suitable for business and living. This area has good architecture groups but night light is loose collection without forming complete night light image.

Lighting Solution

Lighting schedule makes architectures of Corssing position of Jiangdun Road and Wenyi West Road and centers on the theme” Flavor”, “Culture”, “Life” and build the bright “jiangcun business district” and create the trends of nigh landscape lighting spreading from downtown to the surroundings in the form of architecture lighting. Overall positioning of the road its landscape design to create simple elegant city road night lighting with affinity and thus improving the overall image of “Jiangcun Business District” of the Hangzhou Westlake Dist.

By using YD high quality led lights to create rgb dynamic led media facade to emphasize “Jiangcun Business District” of iconic position and corridor of best view and build hot photo place to attract people. Residential places adopted soft lighting design to show the sky line of the residences and flood lighting for sided areas to improve the community nigh atmosphere and quality.

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 “Jiangcun Business District” Golden Xixi Wet Land

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 Aoxi Yihe Tower Photos

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Xixi “Eslite Bookstore”

Light the New West Lake and Brighten the Night “Lianhua Business District” 

Brief Introduce of “Lianhua Business District” 


“Lianhua Business District” is full of residences and it’s a community type business district that serves the neighhood districts. Groups of business district enjoys good carrier of the architecture, however the night lighting is less and boring and lack of sky line at night.

 Lighting Solution

Lighting schedule centers on “Energetic Lianhua Business District” and aims to build elegant and delicate “Lianhua Business District” commercial trends and shows better “Lianhua Business District” to welcome “2022 Asia Games”. Innovated architecture lighting can achieve synchronization control between buildings. The project adopted YD high quality led lights and shows vivid dynamic lighting and create a district future that is full of “intelligence”, “Energy”, “High Tech”.

Serve With Ingenuity and Win Reputation by Passing from Mouth to Mouth

With such importance to the Hangzhou city and such large sizes of the whole project, the client set high quality standard of the led lights and chose YD finally by several tests.


On-site Lighting Test

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Lights Installation Details

Considering tight schedule and 95% of the lights need to be lit up before holiday, YD’s engineers closely cooperated with engineering company and usually had to do immediate lighting testing of one building after one building finished installation and worked until midnight no matter it’s sunny or rainy and finally successfully finished the whole project and won high reputation from the client.  

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Each led pixel lights shine brightly in the west lake district and elegantly decorate the high modern buildings and improved the attractions of the city.

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“Two Old Project” lighting innovation’s success highly stimulate those city’s “Old buildings”, “Old Business Districts” innovation work and boost new energy and create the trends of nigh landscape lighting spreading from downtown to the surroundings in the form of architecture lighting and reflect the urban prosperity and create business district’s night economy and night landscape lighting effects.

project information

Project name: “Two Old Project"-Jiangcun, Lianhua Business District ” lighting innovation project 

Location: Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province

Design Institute: The Architectural Design & Research Institute Of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd.

Jiangcun Business District: Zhejiang Yongtong Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Light supplier: Hangzhou Yongdian Illumination Co., Ltd.

Completion time: Oct. 2020