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GOLF+ Unlimited Play! Golf with Intelligent Lighting Interactive Control System is Waiting for You

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Invest 150 million, which lasted 300 days!

The largest golf range in Asia

Shanghai Playgolf Club!

The greens here is glowing!!!


YD golf intelligent lighting interactive control system is applied to Shanghai Playgolf Club, the innovation of science and technology has achieved a major breakthrough in the only interactive golf range with lighting in China, creating a large fun event of lighting show in the largest golf range in Asia!

1.Project overview

At the beginning of 2020, the Shanghai Playgolf Club started renovation and upgrading, aiming to create a high-tech and interactive course. The project is divided into 13 areas according to the golf range green, and each area used YD custom buried lights.


Shanghai Playgolf Club  Shanghai Playgolf Club before renovation


Shanghai Playgolf Club   Shanghai Playgolf Club after renovation

The lighting of the whole golf course use the intelligent management platform, which effectively improves the operation and maintenance efficiency. This project greatly increases the heat of the golf course, attracts many old and new golf players to come to play, and greatly improves the effects and benefits of the golf club!


The linkage of green light, high pole light, laser Light

Standing in the batting cage, you will direct a light feast with a simple swing! When the ball hits any green, it will trigger the green light, and the light animation will carry out different animation changes and linkage with the difficulty of hitting the green area. The infinite gameplay of golf course light is waiting for you to experience!


2.Technical difficulties

How to judge and detect whether a golf ball falls into the green area

Since the size of the golf ball is only 42mm and the speed of the golf ball can reach hundreds or even hundreds of kilometers per hour, how to quickly and accurately detect the green into which the golf ball falls is a very challenging and difficult point in the whole project, and the size of each green area is different, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty of detection!


Tested at the early stage of the project we tried all kinds of methods, such as the camera machine vision solutions, but this solution need to be in the green area to set up the pole, this undoubtedly has great influence for the stadium as a whole, and night detection effect also can not meet the requirements, also tried a variety of other testing means, but is not very ideal,Finally, we specially developed intelligent hawk-eye detection equipment based on the Internet of things combined with artificial intelligence algorithm, and successfully realized the detection of the golf ball falling into the green.

How can multiple greens not only display animation effect independently, but also achieve linkage between greens

We use the internet of things communication technology to determine the green where the golf ball falls by analyzing the data of intelligent hawk-eye detection equipment, and play different animation data according to the green. Our green animation supports each other independently, and each green animation can also be arbitrarily combined.



The lights of the whole course are unified managed by the intelligent management platform. The administrator can customize and manage all kinds of interactive lighting scenes easily through the intelligent management platform. It also supports the real-time writing of relevant greetings through mobile phones, and then send them to the green lights for display, giving participants the biggest surprise and romance.


The renovated golf range Shanghai Playgolf Club has unlocked unlimited new ways of playing golf, allowing everyone to enjoy the bonus of science and technology in sports, encounter the beauty and romance in the light, and bring sports and happiness together! The lighting control system of YD Golf Intelligent Control system is customized for this project, and can also be applied to various similar interactive scenes.

Project information

Project name: Golf Range Shanghai Playgolf Club

Location: Shanghai, China

Design unit: Shanghai BIM Lighting Design Co., LTD.

Lighting supplier: Hangzhou YD Illumination Co., LTD.

Completion Date: May, 2021