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Outdoor Lighting Solution-- Sculpture Lighting Show On Water

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Sculpture lighting is a subversive art form that combines sculpture, lighting, intelligent control technology and innovation, it plays a very important role in city park night-view decoration. With the artistic and intelligent visual performance, the sculpture lighting improves the development of the local economy of night travel, it takes local people unlimited fun from lighting and night-view.  

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Yulong River Landscape Lighting&Fountain Project 

Sculpture lighting generally combines led light, stone sculpture, FRP, stainless steel and many of different newest materials, and it adopts an intelligent control system to do the control. With the high artistic and practical, sculpture lighting has attracted many city planners from domestic and oversea, as well as it will have a wide developing space. 

As the special application of fountain sculpture lighting, it needs more stringent requirements such as high protection led products and the strict construction of led products, we will share several types of lighting solutions for fountain sculptures lighting with different materials as below: 

Fountain Sculpture Lighting Solutions

Concrete, stone material fountain sculpture lighting

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“ The Root of Jiande” Fountain Sculpture Lighting 

The main body of the sculpture is made of concrete, and the lamps are fixed on the exterior facade with steel wire ropes. Each set of lamps is equipped with a steel wire rope base which can be directly fixed and installed, this installation method is convenient and fast, save time and effort. the lighting distribution is arranged according to the specific shape of the sculpture, it makes the lamps and the sculpture in harmony, and it does not affect the beauty of the sculpture during the daytime.


 Installation details

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“ The Root of Jiande” Fountain Sculpture is a cylinder shape with a diameter of 7.5m and a height of 25m, it is located in the middle of the river. All of the power cable connectors in this case not only are glued with waterproof terminals but also built professional underwater cables to do the power supporting.     

After the completion of the project, the night scene effect is very visually stunning, and the night sky of Jiande is full of movement! YD IP68 lamps can be worked well in harsh environments such as water and humidity, it provides a strong guarantee for the stable working of the project.

Glass material Fountain Sculpture Lighting

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Xiamen Moonlight Ring

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The exterior façade of the Xiamen Moonlight Ring Project is made of glass, which is lighter in color and has better transparency. The lamps are installed inside of the sculpture by steel rope, and the steel rope can be directly buckled in a fixed position. The lamp is hidden in the sculpture Inside, and it does not affect the visual beauty of the sculpture during the daytime.

Stainless, aluminum panel lighting sculpture on the water

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Shangrao Cultural Park Sculpture lighting 

Ball shape sculpture lighting is popular in recent years. In order to cooperate the fountain show when design, the water flow will wash the facade of the sculpture during the performance. So the request of waterproof performance for led and waterproof treatment in connection place. When doing the installation, we need to calculate the punching position on the stainless steel panel, the led light fixed through the back of the panel, and connect the wire to complete the installation.

Installation photos

Creative modeling and multi-material lighting sculpture

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Nanjing Qinhuai River “Beautiful Jiangning” lighting show

Nanjing’s Qinhuai River "Beautiful Jiangning" lighting show is an artwork that is combined stage lighting, giant mesh screens, large-scale dynamic sculptures, fountains, and lighting fog effect systems that combine sound, light, electricity and other high-tech with natural landscapes.

The main body of it is a boat-shaped structure, and the hollow part adopts a custom steel mesh screen, which is fixed to the hull with a hook. Since the main body of the sculpture is dynamic and it will expand and close with the performance, we have equipped a stronger fixing device to fix the control system and power electronic cable to prevent the swing of the sculpture from affecting the normal operation of the lamp.

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 Installation photos

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Notes for sculpture lighting decoration project

01. The design of the lighting solution needs to consider the theme, shape, material of the sculpture, etc,

Pay attention to the overall artistry of the lighting sculpture and highlight the key points;

02. When choose led light in this kind of project, we need to take the humidity environment into consideration, Reduce the connection work at the project site to ensure long-term and stable use after installation, and save the cost in maintenance. 

03. Combine the theme of the lighting show, except choosing the high-protection led light. The treatment of wire is also very important.

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Yulong River Landscape Lighting&Fountain Project 

Lighting sculpture has entered a new era of the night travel economy, adding dynamic photoelectric elements to static sculpture design. the ancient sculpture art glows with new vitality by combining the light color changing and water movement, and it also lights up the night scene of modern cities.

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Because of the special lighting environment for lighting sculpture in the water. It has very high request about quality of products. YD IP68 waterproof led light, which could be used in the water