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New upgrade of the city landmark night view. How sultry of the Jerusalem night view?

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If the world is 100% beautiful, 90% in Jerusalem!


"Jerusalem has historical landmarks such as the Western Wall and the Rock Dome, and there is almost no shortage of iconic buildings. But the city's latest aesthetic wonder, the Chord Bridge, is undoubtedly the most impressive debut in more than a thousand years." Critics David Kaufman wrote an article for Time magazine when it was completed, describing the bridge as one of the most important architectural structures in the city.

1. Traffic fortress, landmark building

The Jerusalem Chord Bridge is located in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. It was designed by the famous Spanish designer Santiago Calatrava. This is the first bridge he designed to carry both trams and pedestrian traffic. At the same time, it was also called "the first holy place of modern design in Jerusalem" by Time magazine.


The design of this bridge is to add a clear visual element to the city entrance to the "skyline" of Jerusalem. It is a landmark building at the eastern entrance of the city, and it also extends to a busy traffic intersection in the northern part of the city of Israel. YD Illumination uses modern lighting to reshape the vibrancy of the holy city at night and uses vivid lighting symbols to promote the charm of local culture.


2 High quality lamps, win trust

This project is a public bidding project by the government. Before we cooperated with the government, the original lamps had a high damage rate and poor night lighting effects. The local government considered rebuild lighting. YD successfully won the trust with high-quality lighting products and professional technical services, and finally adopted our products


The bridge is a cantilever-beam cable-stayed bridge. The mast of the bridge is 118 meters high and the deck is 360 meters long. It is supported by 66 parabolic steel cables and develops in three dimensions in space. It adopts the YD double protection Φ50 point light source with a dome, which is anti-glare and avoids the visual interference of the bridge lights to the passing pedestrians and vehicles.


Considering the installation difficulty and operating cost of the local project, the installation height is 60 meters, and the bridge cables are arranged along the bridge cable. The center distance is 0.25 meters in the vertical direction. The light distribution is reasonable and the present effect fully meets the needs of customers.


The night scene of the bridge permeates multi-level optical art, which is more parabolic and dynamic. The point light source is presented in a three-dimensional vision, playing the romantic and gorgeous classical music of the holy city.

Project story


The local government of the project planned to open a tender, but after a full understanding of the high quality and professionalism of YD led products, they canceled the tender and directly approved our products; Because of the urgent installation time, we had a very clear plan for our client from the production to installation. We connected the power cable and signal cable to each lamp in the factory, so that the customer install it on-site directly, which effectively improved work efficiency and shortened the installation period. The installation time was only 10 days.


The Jerusalem Chord Bridge lighting upgrade project uses modern lighting that is in line with the local urban temperament and individual characteristics, interprets the architectural art with light, illuminates the soul and heritage of the city of Jerusalem, and promotes the night view of this exquisite city, and add a layer of color to promote the development of local tourism. 

Project information

Project Name: Jerusalem Chord Bridge, Israel

Project Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Lighting supplier: Hangzhou Yongdian Illumination Co., Ltd

Completion time: October 2020