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Empowering Health | YD high-power wall washer lights up Zhejiang North Medical Center

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Zhejiang North Medical Center is located in Nanhu New District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, with a total construction area of about 207,000 square meters. It is a three tertiary A comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation. It is a leading Medical service center in Zhejiang Province .

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Lighting Design

Huzhou is known as the "Silk house". The architectural design of the project integrates the local characteristic culture and is arranged in the shape of ribbon. The smooth arc lines bring soft dynamic visual texture. In addition, the facade of the curtain wall made of glass and other materials makes the whole medical building complex modern and has a sense of design

The lighting design incorporates "silk" elements into the night scene lighting, and fully considers the ribbon arrangement of the entire building complex and the particularity of medical buildings. and uses monochrome linear flow light to express the rhythm and vitality of the building, which sets off the vitality of the building.


Lamp selection

The project uses YD single Digital XQ52 high-power wall washer lights to strengthen the sense of hierarchy of the building facade, and uses single Digital warm white lights to outline the thread-like movement of the facade of the hospital building, highlighting the main body of the hospital facade.


While satisfying functional lighting, it works with YD DMX512 control system to realize the flow of light, enhance the night vitality of the building, and successfully create a warm, healthy and comfortable medical space.


Installation of the lamp

The lamps of this project are installed on the horizontal decoration strips of the facade of  the building by perforated installation. The color of the shell of the lamps is customized with plastic spray according to the color of the building, which perfectly combines with the building to achieve the effect of " indirect lighting “

As night falls, the constantly flowing lights add rhythm to the building complex of Zhejiang North Medical Center, providing a more comfortable medical environment for residents and a more pleasant working environment for medical staff.The lighting of the project cleverly combines the context of hospital landscape and space, connecting the hospital building with modular function decomposition through lighting, injecting full vitality into the building, and successfully creating a safe and comfortable image of hospital architecture!

YD-XQ-52 high power wall washer


Model: YD-XQ-52     

Lamp Weight: 1440g/ set

Beam Angle: Single color: 8°(24W), 15°, 30°, 45°;RGB Color: 25°

Outer Shell Material: die-cast aluminum

Power: 18W, 24W, 27W, 36W

Operating Voltage: DC36V 

Control Mode: ON/OFF, DMX512

Yongdian XQ-52 high power wall washing light adopts double protection waterproof light source module with protection grade up to IP68.The outer shell is made of die-cast aluminum, the surface is anodized, and it can be sprayed color according to the color of environmental background. It can be used for the wall of swimming pool, park steps, guardrail of Bridges and wall lamps of buildings.

Project  Information

Project Name: Zhejiang North Medical Center

Project Location: Huzhou, Zhejiang Province

Lighting Design Company: Huzhou Tianhe Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Lighting Construction Company: Zhejiang Changxing Shengda Construction Co., LTD

Supplier: Hangzhou Yongdian Illumination Co., Ltd

Completion Date: 2020.6