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Outdoor Lighting Solutions--Bridge

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Bridges are the links connecting rivers, oceans, and mountains. Since ancient times, bridges have undertaken the important task of promoting exchanges and are an important factor in showing the local style. Along with economic development, China has built many world-famous bridge projects with significant international influence, and has received worldwide recognition for Chinese bridge projects. Bridges also symbolize the economic status and technical level of local urban development. Bridge lighting has become The key to creating a local aesthetic.


Zhuzhou Tianyuan Bridge

Appreciation of bridge lighting cases

 Cable-stayed bridge

Cable-stayed bridges are an important structural form of modern long-span bridges. Especially when large bridges with large spans are erected at places where bridge piers are difficult to build, such as canyons, bays, rivers, and rivers, the cable-stayed bridge type is often selected.

Lanzhou Yintan Yellow River Bridge

The shape feature of the cable-stayed bridge is the zipper, and the lighting of the bridge will focus on highlighting this feature. Generally, point light sources are laid on the zipper, and the aluminum alloy track is fixed to the zipper through a stainless steel hoop. The installation is convenient without destroying the structure of the bridge itself. The track can be customized according to the color of the zipper, which basically does not affect the daytime effect.

Installation detail

Qingdao Danshan Bridge

Egypt Cairo Bridge

Basra bridge

City tied arch bridge

Tied arch bridges in the city as a kind of landmark buildings, especially the famous tourist cities and historical cities, in addition to meeting the structural lighting needs, should fully consider the local cultural characteristics and local customs to better integrate the bridge into the Among the urban landscape.

Hangzhou Canal Zhaohui Bridge

Installation detail

The lighting of this type of bridge arch is a highlight. The bridge arch has a wide area, and a point light source can be used to create a dot matrix screen. The dot matrix screen can present rich picture content, combined with local culture, can present delicate text, and the night sky looks like a rainbow.

Zhuzhou Lusong Bridge

Zhuji Maozhubu Bridge

Stone arch bridge in garden and city

In this type of bridge, the bridge pier and the bridge body are naturally connected as a whole, and the general volume is not particularly large. Therefore, a flood light is used to project the light, and the side of the bridge body and the side of the pier are illuminated together.

Huxiang Park Jinqiao

Dongying Kenli Minfeng Lake Wolong Bridge

Installation detail

Guancheng Bridge, Longli County, Guizhou

The bridge body can also use LED point light sources to outline the sharp outline of the entire bridge, and at the same time provide auxiliary lighting on the bridge. The control system controls the speed of discoloration and the light color, showing the beautiful curve of the bridge body and the reflection of the water surface. Form a glimpse of light, crystal clear night landscape.

Landscape bridge with fountain

In the era of rapid economic development, net-red landscape bridges emerged at the historic moment and became an important factor in promoting the development of the local "night economy". This type of bridge lighting design combines lights, fountains and bridges to bring an audio-visual three-dimensional immersion experience.

Rainbow Bridge---Huancheng River in Jiaxing Port District

The Huancheng River Crossing Bridge in Jiaxing Port District is a typical landscape bridge, which carries the local unique urban culture. The lamps are installed with high-power RGB wall washing lights and LED line lights. The wall washing lights are installed at the bottom of the guardrail to project water flow light and shadow. Line lights outline the outline of the bridge, and the fountains and waterfalls on both sides of the bridge change with the light and color, like a rainbow and beautiful.

Taiwan Pingdong Dapeng Bay Fountain Bridge

Points for attention in bridge lighting

1. Functionality: to meet the functional lighting requirements of the bridge, so that the lighting facilities of the lighting part of the driving road have good illuminance.

2. Iconic: The main lighting of the bridge requires highlighting its characteristics, strengthening its shape, and pursuing the combination of artistic and functional lighting.

3. Safety: Fully consider the weather characteristics of the river surface and the river surface to ensure the easy installation of the lighting equipment, select high-protection lamps, combined with waterproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion and other elements to reduce maintenance costs.

4. Artistic: Using lighting as the main means to reflect the structural characteristics and modeling characteristics of the bridge itself at night, highlighting the majestic momentum of the bridge.

Bridge lighting is an important element of the city's night view and an important urban public space. The design and installation of lamps and lanterns combines the shape of the bridge to outline the bridge's outline. When lighting, it does not destroy the beauty of the bridge itself, and the main shape of the bridge at night is vividly rendered by the light. Come out and form a good landscape effect.


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