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Outdoor lighting solution-glass curtain wall

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The glass curtain wall is a product integrating architectural aesthetics, structure and function. Its appearance changed the single form of expression of the building, giving the whole city a new look. Especially with the development of LED, it can be freely combined with the lightweight curtain wall system, which provides architects with a new degree of freedom in the choice of materials, so that the traditionally heavy building facades are gradually becoming lighter. Exterior wall system transformation.


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The basic form of the combination of LED lamps and curtain wall facade

The basic form of the combination of LED lamps and glass curtain wall facades can be generally divided into the following 5 types:

1. The curtain wall node surface installation: The curtain wall node surface installation is fixed by structural glue, which is the most common installation method in the glass curtain wall lighting operation. The advantages are obvious: easy installation, fast, and low operation difficulty; it will not cause damage to the curtain wall and Can be installed to any required parts to ensure the lighting effect;



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2. Transparent installation inside the curtain wall: some curtain walls have low glass color and good transparency. You can consider installing the light source on the inside of the curtain wall. This method will not cause any change in the appearance of the curtain wall. The stealth effect is good during the day; the inside of the curtain wall is installed , You can use the method of pulling the steel wire rope. The secondary package LED point light source is designed with a steel wire buckle. Pull the steel wire directly to fix the position and buckle it up. It is convenient and fast, and does not affect the lighting.



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3. Track installation: first fix the bottom channel of the track to the decorative keel of the curtain wall, snap the point light source into the upper cover of the track, and clip the upper cover of the track with the lamp to the pre-installed wire channel, the aluminum channel can be decorated with The color of the keel is the same, the lights are not visible during the day, and the lights are everywhere at night.


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4. Embedded installation: the light source is installed on the facade of the building, and the installation of lamps is considered in the design of the curtain wall. Usually the curtain wall keel is designed as a hollow form or a groove form of the upper and lower covers, and the light source can be directly fixed in the upper cover or groove of the keel On the one hand, it is easier to fix, on the other hand, it does not damage the building lines, it is easy to achieve invisibility, and maintain the beauty of the building during the day.



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5.Through-hole installation in the punching plate: When the LED point light source is installed by punching the whole board, usually the aluminum plate or stainless steel plate is punched according to the calculated position, and then the LED point light source is removed from the plate Pass through the back of the cable and connect it to the cable even after the installation is complete. This kind of installation method of punching the whole board is also commonly used at present.



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Main points of integrated design of glass curtain wall and lighting

The main points of the integrated design of glass curtain wall and lighting are the following three ways in the architectural layout:

Each pixel is completely independent, with independent control signals, and the size and shape can be arbitrarily distributed. You can use points to highlight nodes, and use points to form unique graphics and changes, showing a prosperous effect.

Lines When several LED pixels are installed on a bar-shaped member, they become lines, which is what people call line lights. Lines can be used to emphasize the outline of the building and the shape is more flexible.

On the facade of the building, let the light appear in the form of a face, use the face to create a commercial atmosphere, use the face to distinguish the functional areas of the building, and three-dimensionalize the entire face.

However, in the specific curtain wall design, the lighting design needs to be coordinated with the curtain wall design.


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General principles of LED lamps used on glass curtain wall

1. Luminaires can be concealed;

2. Do not affect the lighting and ventilation as much as possible;

3. Avoid glare;

4. Does not affect the water and airtight performance of the curtain wall.

The lamps and lanterns are not simply attached to the facade of the building, but show the most beautiful side of the building through the integrated design of the facade system. Appropriate lighting design can not only ensure the integrity of the external space, but also eliminate many defects in the original building due to poor construction, while meeting the critical performance requirements of the curtain wall.