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"Integration of the future" seminar: YD illumination deeply analyzes the development of intelligent LED lighting

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As the world's largest lighting show, Guangzhou International Lighting Fair witnessed the lighting industry's technological innovation and trend changes. This year's Guangzhou Lighting Fair,  "integrate the future" and "thinking lighting" were as the two major themes of the activities which were held at the same time with exhibition, in which invited industry experts and speakers focused on the lighting industry and Internet, analyzed the future market trends.

The "Integrating the Future" seminar was held from June 9 to 11, opposite Hall 4.1 in Area A. The conference brought together industry experts to share cutting-edge technology research findings and help audiences to understand the application of smart lighting system. At the lighting and digital art festival on June 10, Steve Lau, deputy director of YD Intelligent Lighting Institute and foreign expert, delivered a speech in English on the theme of "Interactive control system for landscape lighting applications", attracting numerous domestic and foreign experts and exhibitors audience's attention.

  In his speech, Steve Lau said that YD Illumination was established in 1984 as a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise composing of R & D, production and sales. The company possesses double protection technology with completely independent intellectual property rights. The products have obtained UL, CE, FCC, SASO and other international certification.

  YD Illuminations national patent waterproof double protection technology makes LED light can reach the highest protection grade: IP68, exceed the lighting restriction in harsh environment area, completely solve the outdoor use of LED short life span issue, inconsistent quality problems. Whether it is as low as -40 in Russia, or up to 50 in Middle East UAE and other countries, YD Illumination can cope for this problem, such as Russia Vuitton Han Park ice skating rink, the world's largest Dubai Bentley showrooms.

Russia Vuittonham Park ice skating rink

The biggest Bentley showroom in Dubai

  In recent years, YD Illumination actively involved in the development of overseas markets, and has achieved remarkable results, the product is more and more applied to the world's most influential projects, such as the world's tallest and most tweaked building - Dubai Canyan tower, Kuwait National Petroleum headquarters building, the Royal Hyde Park Ferris wheel and so on. At present, YD products have been sold to the United States, France, Taiwan, Macao and other global more than 60 countries and regions, brand reputation in foreign countries is gradually improved.

Dubai Canyan Tower

Kuwait National Petroleum Headquarters

Royal Hyde Park Ferris Wheel

  In the meeting, Steve Lau focused on introduction of the intelligent lighting control system of YD and interactive control system. Through the project of ARG Business Center in Iran, Steve Lau described the combination of lighting and human actions under the function of real-time animation software .

ARG Business Center, Iran

  In addition, Steve Lau also showed the other applications of interactive control system (such as LED floor panel, wind speed and interactive control), future trends of interactive control, latest customer needs and future development direction of YD to meet global customers Demand in interactive control and lighting applications.

  With the continuous enrichment of material life, lighting has been given more functions and significance, to enjoy the light instead of just using lights. I believe in the wave of the development of intelligent technology, YDs  LED intelligent application will be brighter and brighter.