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Project Case
Project case
Application scene

    Huzhou Renwangge Landscape Lighting

    Location:Huzhou, Zhejiang

    Item category:Scenic and park lighting

    Type of lamp:OG 50×100 LED Customlized led light

    Number of lamps:14400 pcs

    Renhuang Mountain Scenic Area is a favorite leisure venue for the people of Lake City. Renhuang Pavilion is also one of the landmark buildings in Lake City. Renhuangge night view lighting follows the principle of “protection and utilization” and adopts a new type of self-illumination mode, which makes the three-dimensional level of the entire building clearer and creates a night view of lights that matches the “one lake and one mountain”. Lake city people create a more beautiful night scene. The large-area streamlined grey tile roof is the focal point of the entire lighting. For the tile size and structural design of Chinese ancient buildings, a custom-designed LED module lamp with a size of 50×100 (mm) is installed. The warm yellow light illuminates the tile surface, fully reveals the corrugated outline of the architectural pavilion, restores the charm of the ancient architecture, and is supplemented by the partial illumination of the mountain greenery, which blends the regional culture with the natural landscape, making the night benevolent. Huangshan scenic atmosphere and fine. The project lighting uses a total of 14,400 LED modules, and the lamps connect the power supply lines of the circuit boards and lamps to a dark gray so that the lamps can be better concealed. On the tile surface, the overall effect of daytime in the body of the tile body is not destroyed. LED lamps up to IP68 degree of protection, with good fire performance and waterproof performance, to meet the safety requirements of Renhuangge the use of lights, and will not cause damage to the tower artifacts.

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