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Project Case
Project case
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    Lanzhou Yintan Yellow River Bridge

    Location:Lanzhou, Gansu

    Item category:Bridge

    Type of lamp:OG-XSY-30

    Number of lamps:43,200pcs

    In order to shape the new “Jincheng” nighttime landscape of Lanzhou, Lanzhou City started the lighting improvement work of the Yellow River style line, focusing on the lighting transformation of the cable. The entire project uses a total of more than 40,000 pieces of Yongdian Ogg Φ40 advertising pixel lamps, distributed on both sides of the stay cables at a distance of 25cm each. When night falls, the “Armed Forces” Silver Beach Yellow River Bridge will change in the night with red, purple, blue, green and other colors. The intelligent lighting system will control the evolution of lights, and the dynamic lights will stretch softly. Accompanied by different animations, it highlights the huge span of more than one thousand meters of the bridge and the elaborate design of the single tower.