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YD established a 1,400-square-meter research and development center and an intelligent lighting research institute. It has introduced foreign experts and established long-term cooperation with industry-university institutions of higher learning. It has a group of high-tech and high-quality scientific research personnel and has been assessed. For the Hangzhou Municipal Technology Center and Hangzhou Municipal Industrial Design Center.

Independently researched and developed by Hangzhou Yongdian Lighting Co., Ltd., it has completely independent intellectual property rights of "LED secondary packaging technology" and has obtained a number of national patents. In 2013, it was listed in the National Torch Plan; in 2012, it passed the appraisal of provincial-level industrial new products in Zhejiang Province; in 2013, it was registered as a scientific and technological achievement in Zhejiang Province; and it won the 2013 Outstanding New Product New Technology Award in Hangzhou.



  • Ingress protection grade IP68,can be used underwater 100m                         

  • Flame retardant grade V-0,from the fire self-extinguishing


  • Moscow skating rink ice under the use of the lowest temperature -40℃          

  • Anti-UV 4-5 level, can be used outoors for 10 years,not selfcracking and significant discoloration                                      


  • It can be used in marine environment by salt spray detection       

  • LED could sustain for the free fall deep impact test for 3.5kg hammer from 1.2 meter height                                                             

  • R&D Strength
  • Luminance test chamber
  • Metallographic microscopy
  • Distribution photometric laboratory
  • Salt spray test
  • Luminaire high temperature aging room
  • Severe environmental simulation and aging laboratory
  • Optical integral sphere
  • Raw material temperature aging laboratory